Courageous Connie Nails another Notable Milestone

Queensland ultra-distance athlete Connie Mckee conquered another massive challenge recently when she completed the gut-busting 80km Noosa Trail run event, the Hinterland Traverse.

As the title suggests the traverse was a tough course with elevations and downhill sections and underfoot in places it was very wet. Add in the fact that over the last 20kms kilometres she ran in the dark and her achievement, which took 15 hours to complete, is even more outstanding.

Connie is no stranger to tough challenges and has built up a lot of resilience. A breast cancer survivor, she did not take up running until aged 50 and at the same time she also took up pilates and is now a pilates instructor.

Speaking to absolutelyfamous earlier this week about her latest achievement, the 56 year-old reckons running 80kms was tougher mentally than physically. (Physically she was very well prepared having run up to 120kms a week during her training and she’s now a seasoned distance runner having also run the New York Marathon among others long distance events).

“It certainly tested me physically but probably more mentally. After about the 67km mark it was one hundred percent mental.”

GUT-BUSTING | Connie McKee during her recent 80km triumph

Keeping her focus and a fierce determination got her through to the finish and the last few kms were extra challenging, but she continued to make the cut off points throughout the race, although those final 20kms certainly tested her to near her limits.

“I just kept taking one kilometre at a time, looked at my watch and worked out how long it would take for the next one. I just don’t like to give up. Forty years in real estate with the highs and lows, I’m used to being resilient and I knew that physically my body would get me there, I just had to keep believing I would make it.

“I was very scared about the dark, that’s what was worrying me mentally. I did the last 20kms section in the dark through the forest and it was wet underfoot.”

Being a pilates instructor and doing pilates every day to strengthen her hips, poses, chore and legs enabled her to not only conquer the challenge, but also recover well afterwards and within 24 hours of her Noosa triumph she was back walking and stretching.

Not one to rest on her laurels, this superwoman is again putting her mind and body to the test in July. Connie is doing the 60km Beyond Blue fundraising walk in a team with her niece Melitta, her 19 year-old daughter Chanay, Chaney’s friend and her niece Hannah.

Then within eight days Connie is taking on another gruelling race, the 52km Guzzler event in Queensland over a course which includes 2,400m of elevation.

Story by John Alexander | Supporting Images sourced by Absolutely Famous.

Footnote: Beyond Blue is a charity which helps people of all ages deal with anxiety and depression and if you wish to donate you can do so my going into the following link.


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