This is an amazing story of survival, of how a young dad made the ultimate sacrifice to save his son and how his son has battled back from near death himself to be living a full and extremely meaningful life.

FOCUSED-working out Patrick’s happy place away from work

Patrick Majewski, aged seven back in 2011, suffered horrific almost life ending injuries in a cliff fall accident and his story of survival, his massive rehabilitation and healing process and where he is at now in life is just so heart-warming and sure would make his late dad, Christopher proud.

Patrick bravely agreed to sit down in what is his happy place now, the Leschenault Leisure Centre gymnasium in his home town of Bunbury in Western Australia, where he works out as often as he can and tell me about his amazing life journey so far. 

“I can’t always do the things others do in the same way. But, I try and 90 percent of the time, I find a way.”

The home town hero takes his daughters for a walk down memory lane

What he’s achieved already at just 18 years of age despite his horrific experience blew me away.


Sacrificing our life to save one of our children is something all us parents hope we would do if that horrible situation ever arose.

HERO DAD-Patrick being held by his late dad Christopher not long before their tragic accident in remote Western Australia

Mum Helen, won a Pride of Australia Award for Courage in 2012 which shows courage runs deep through this family.

Well in October 2011 in remote Northern Western Australia in a place called Kannanjini Gorge, that was exactly the situation Christopher Majewski faced.

The 31 year-old dad had enjoyed a day out in the bush with his three young kids, wife Helen and some friends and they were heading back to their campsite when disaster struck.

His seven year-old son Patrick slipped through hand rails at the top of a cliff and instinctively his dad reached out and grabbed him. The pair fell 21 metres directly to the ground, Christopher landing under Patrick and breaking his fall, just enough to save his son’s life.

Sadly, Christopher died in the fall but his heroic actions most definitely spared his young boy the same fate.

His injuries were severe, a broken back, broken spinal cord, broken thumb, internal bleeding and right lobe brain damage.

Somehow amidst what was obviously a hugely traumatic situation for Patrick’s mum Helen, medics eventually arrived at the scene and the two victims were airlifted to Perth Hospital. Helen also had two other young children to worry about, her daughter Bel, now 17 and son Cam, now 14.

Patrick lay in hospital unconscious for a month and when he awoke he was like a new born in a seven year-olds body, having absolutely no memory of what had happened. He had to learn to do everything again from scratch including breathing, eating, drinking.

Now you wouldn’t believe how far this amazing 18 year-old has come, how independent he is and the wonderful work he’s doing helping others in situations like his. He’s just so positive and thankful he got another chance in life because of his late dad’s brave actions.

GUNS OUT- Patrick in his happy place working out at the Leschenault Leisure Centre gym in Bunbury
WORKING OUT-gym time

After our chat I patted him on the shoulder congratulated him and thought to myself, this man is going to do something real special in the world and he already is with the work he does.

Listen to our interview with myself, John Alexander and Patrick, he’s just a terrific young man.

Story by John Alexander | Supporting Images sourced by Absolutely Famous.


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